About Us

Welcome to Belia Eco


Where did it all start?

Belia is an acronym of our sons name, Albie. Becoming parents has made us focus on some important things in life.

1. Passing on a better world to the next generation through sustainable practice.

2. Creating simple practices to support our mental wellbeing

We are a husband and wife team from Cheshire, Lauren & Aidie, and we are so excited you're here. 

What do we do?

We have searched high and low to bring together some of the best that British small creators and businesses have to offer, focusing on ensuring that all our products are sustainably sourced.

There are so many brands out there, and it used to take us ages to find trustworthy places that stock truly sustainable and eco friendly items. Unfortunately we found that some stores claim eco friendly credentials that tend to be tenuous. We ensure that what we stock meet the following criteria:

  1. Is it made with sustainable/eco friendly practices?
  2. Is the creator/manufacturer passionate about what they do?
  3. Would we use it? (very important!)

Why we do what we do

We are no different to anyone else, but the arrival of our son Albie, changed our perspective on what kind of planet we leave to the next generation. 

We strongly believe that we can leave behind a strong, healthy planet by starting with small changes. 

As with many families during the pandemic, we have had first hand experience of  mental health challenges. However, we found strength in each other, making time for yourself and noting your thoughts. 

Writing down your thoughts, feelings and emotions allow can help us to think about those things in a more rational, detached way. Rationalising them can really help us understand and deal with those thoughts differently moving forward.

We share your passion for stationery and know that your confidence and mood can be boosted simply by having a nice notebook and pen to use in your daily life. The physical act of smiling has a significant impact on our mood.

We are constantly overcome, happy and proud of all the love you have shown the items we find and hope we can continue to find you the best eco friendly products out there. 

L&A x